Too often, we delay a decision or a start until we feel we have the perfect strategy or the perfect amount of information. This was the case when I started this post. Although the website was done for weeks, I wanted to write a few posts before launching it. The thoughts began months ago, and the decision paralysis weighed down progress like a pile of bricks.

Researching another project gave me an awakening today. This post’s headline, borrowed from the culture statement of a company, made me realize we often create unnecessary roadblocks waiting for the perfect inspiration or the correct answers.

We believe that all the answers are necessary before we start. We tell others not to sweat the small stuff but then let a minor detail stall our progress. A new path, a new product, or a new way of doing things is often messy and filled with stumbling.

Information is never perfect in our professional lives or even in our personal lives. Every day, we make countless decisions based on incomplete information. Initially, momentum doesn’t require all answers. We must, however, maintain flexibility and adaptability when new details emerge or changes occur.

Leaders of organizations, teams and households often miss opportunities when they overanalyze ideas. Don’t get me wrong, we need a plan, or else we risk aimless action that accomplishes nothing.

The correctness of the decision is never increased simply by more time. Instead, we should strive for learning, creativity, improvement, and innovation as part of our strategy. Whether you make the right decision or the wrong one, you will learn from both.